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What is Revolution

“Revolution Exists to Connect Teenagers With Each Other And With God, Spreading the Revolution”

This generation will change the world. They are compassionate, intelligent, creative, and gifted. Imagine what today’s teenagers could do if they knew the plan and purpose God has for their life?

At Revolution, we believe in this generation and want to be a part of seeing them reached and raised up to see their full potential. Fro our weekly gathering to our events throughout the year, we are passionate about teenagers connecting with God. Events throughout the year include summer camp, youth convention, fine arts festival, missions trips, and many other trips and activities. We love making memories together as a group by having fun at places like Valleyfair, Skyzone, the corn maze or through our annual event “Turkey’s Last Stand” in November.

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When & Where

Every Wednesday: 6:45 pm

  • Wednesdays are our main weekly event at Revolution. Our high schoolers meet in the Student Ministry Center (SMC), & our middle schoolers meet in the basement. Both age groups have live student-led worship, crazy & engaging activities, & age-specific content that will impact their lives. Join us for an awesome night connecting with each other and with God.

Every Sunday: 9:30 am

  • Sixth through twelfth-grade students meet in the SMC between our Sunday morning worship services to study the Word of God and grow in their faith. Led by one of our adult volunteer leaders, students will have an opportunity to take their relationship with God to the next level through bible study, apologetics, video curriculum, and small group Q&A.