Christmas 2018

Celebrate Christmas with us here at Sioux Falls First.

Uncluttered Devotionals

For All To Hear

In another Christmas devotional, we read about God sending the message to the shepherds.  The lowest servants of all. But in this passage, God sends the message to the Kings. The highest people in the lands.

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Gift Exchange

What is Advent? So I confess, I had no idea what the word advent meant up until now. I knew it had something to do with Jesus but didn’t know what.

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Christmas Traditions

Traditions.  I am one of those people who love to be surrounded by nostalgia. Most of the jewelry that I wear or the knick-knacks that I have sitting around have a story, special meaning or memory attached to them.

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The Indescribable Gift

Have you ever been surprised by someone’s generosity?  As young marrieds, I remember receiving a call from an elderly gentleman in our home church telling us that he was going to purchase a brand-new washer and dryer for us as a college graduation gift.

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Christmas Spectacular

Dec. 14 7:00PM

Next Gen Christmas

Dec. 16 9AM & 11AM

Christmas Eve

Dec. 24 5PM & 7PM

*refreshments provided between services