Daniel 6:10 


The Holiday season is such a time of go here, do this, do that, buy this on amazon because two-day shipping is awesome. I don’t have to go in busy stores and deal with Sioux Falls traffic………I digress. I mean there is a lot going on, and our already busy Sioux Falls lives become even busier. I am someone who knows firsthand when the plate gets to full something has to come off. I can tell you the main course is never replaced on a holiday plate fixed by Charlie Sanders. We never take the chicken, turkey, or steak off the plate right? Christmas parties, shopping, inviting people over etc. are the main course during the Holiday season. It’s usually the green beans that get removed. Our devotion time gets shorter, prayer time becomes wrap time, the gym becomes a thing of the past, and the Bible gets stowed away until we arrive into the new year. The things that supply our lives with nourishment get scraped into the trash can. My wife says the word B.U.S.Y means Buried Under Satan’s Yoke. Lord help us!

We see in Daniel Chapter 6 that Daniel himself had to endure life becoming hectic. We read that the King issued a decree or law that said for 30 days everyone had to worship him. We read that Daniel didn’t give in to the norms around him and he stayed to course. It says in this passage that Daniel prayed 3 times a day “just as he had done before” Daniel didn’t allow life to affect his devotion to his lord.


Holy Spirit we need your help staying consistent in our walk with our Lord. Help us not to become B.U.S.Y but living fruitful lives that are honoring to you. Let Matthew 6:33 be our anthem this holiday season in Jesus name.

Eat your green beans!