Luke 11:9-13


One of my fondest Christmas memories growing up was after we had our holiday dinner on Christmas Eve, spending time with our family opening gifts.  It was certainly a time that I looked forward to, as most children do. As we would go through the gifts and open them, we would typically find many great toys and items that were on our lists that we had asked for.  What sticks out the most, was always the last gift. For that last gift, my parents had us go through an elaborate process where we had to solve a clue to get to the next clue and so on. With each clue, we had to come back to our parents to obtain the clue for the next place until we finally got to the gift.  The final gift would often time be the gift that was the one that we desired the most. The gift was always great, and the process of finding it was always memorable.

There are people in our lives right now that are currently in a similar process.  They are in the process of finding the greatest gift of all, the gift of Jesus and eternal salvation, and they are “one clue” away from finding it.  As we identify these people in our lives, we can work through our relationship with them to help them to work through the process to the ultimate gift.   Just as I knew that my parents would be there to offer up the next clue, we have to do likewise to help people along in the process.


Father God help us to identify the people in our lives that are in the middle of the process of finding you. Help us to use discernment and the guiding of your Holy Spirit to show them the clues that will lead them to salvation through Jesus.  Help us to provide the understanding that all they have to do is ask, and you will freely give them the gift that you have promised to mankind. Thank you for the free gift of salvation and help us to share this gift with others. We ask this in Jesus’ name, Amen.