Psalm 100:1-5


I can’t help but smile during this time of year.  Everywhere you go, you begin to hear carols and the joy of the Christmas season.  The idea of Christmas cheer is all around as we look to a season that is often times associated with hot chocolate, peppermint, ugly sweaters, tinsel, gifts, great food and laughter-filled rides down the snowy hill in a sled.   This season brings all sorts of things that make people happy.

This year as you experience the joy of the season, know that the reason for this joy has nothing to do with sleigh rides and gingerbread.  The source of joy is our good Father and he is worthy of our praise. He is faithful to us in all things and his love for us goes deeper than any of the other things that make this season joyful.  


Lord, I praise you.  I praise you because of your faithful love toward me.  I am grateful for your loving faithfulness and the goodness that you bring to me.  You are my source of Joy and I thank you for all of the good things that make the Christmas season great.  But most of all, I thank you for the love that you have shown to me and the ultimate gift of love that you have given to us in Jesus.  Your love endures forever, Amen.