Light Breaking Through  


John 1:4-12 (TPT)


One of my favorite things about Christmas are the lights! I absolutely love how they break through the darkness and just shine. That one little bulb can shine light for miles.  I love going around the city and seeing all the houses decorated and seeing trees lit up. And what beauty and hope a little light can bring. And though it seems so simple and such a little thing these lights always seem to give me hope. I think it’s because it reminds me that even in the dark, light will always be greater than darkness. And when I remember this, I think how amazing it is that we have a Savior who is the Light of the world. There is something so simply beautiful about being reminded that in our darkest moments we have a Savior who will always be that Light that breaks through and will always be greater than our darkness.

As you walk into this Christmas Season and the lights are strung everywhere you see remember this one thing, Jesus has come for you to be called Child of God. That no matter where you find yourself this Christmas, Jesus came to bring light to your darkest moments. Jesus came to adopt you as a child of God and it is because of Jesus, that no pain, no struggle, no trial or darkness could ever overcome. Jesus, the reason we celebrate, the Light of the world, came to see you restored, to bring you love, peace and joy and to call you Child of God.


Jesus thank You that You are the Light of the World where no darkness could ever overcome. Jesus, I pray that this season You help me shine Your light to a world that needs You. Thank You that I can be called Child of God. I pray Jesus that every time I see Christmas lights that I would be reminded of Your love for me and Your love for this world. And may I be someone You use to shine Your light in the dark. Amen.