Matthew 2:1-12


In another Christmas devotional, we read about God sending the message to the shepherds.  The lowest servants of all. But in this passage, God sends the message to the Kings. The highest people in the lands.

These particular men, from the East, were not servants of the Most High God.  They were magicians and high rulers from a land far off. But God knew that this message of a savior was needed for not only God’s chosen people (the Israelites), but for Gentiles as well, people of all the world.  And in this, God used prophecy scrolls from their land to have them follow a star to Bethlehem, to see the newborn King. He spoke to them in Dreams and Visions.

God’s message is for all to hear.  No matter where you are from, whether rich or poor, old or young, Jesus came for you.  Let this time be a remembrance that God loves you. And He desires to see you know him in a personal way.

Take time this season to share his message with all you come in contact with.  Jesus came for us. This message is for you, and your family, and your friends, and those far away.  Let this season fuel your mission for God.


God, open doors for us to share your message with those all around us this Christmas season.  Help us be bold in our sharing your good news. Maybe proclaim your goodness to all we meet. Thank you God, Amen!