Psalms 95:1-6


Throughout the Psalms, we see corporate calls to worship God and remember his goodness. Even in the Christmas story, we see the shepherds and wise-men approaching the newborn King with worship and adoration. Putting aside lively hood (sheep herding)  and earthly wealth (gold, frankincense, myrhh) to worship a baby in a manger.

May we, just like the shepherds and wise men, come and kneel before our Creator-God. May we adore Him in his splendor and majesty and may we in this holiday season bring our hearts affection and minds attention in whole worship as we remember the greatest sacrifice of all. Jesus being born as a human and dying for our sins.


Father God, today, may I adore You with my life. Help me to focus on your goodness and faithfulness and may I remember that even in my living I am bringing worship to You. Help me to always come before you in adoration and remember your sacrifice.