Luke 2:5-11 (TPT)


Christmas has always been my favorite season. When I was a child I didn’t know who Jesus was, but I loved the joy that always seemed to enter everyone’s heart, the snow that covered the world like a white blanket and the lights that seemed to sparkle! There was something just so beautiful about Christmas and I could never quite put a finger on why, but I knew there was something special about this season. At 16 I finally realized what that special thing was. It was Jesus. In Luke you can read the incredible Christmas story, but I want to focus on Luke 2:5-11 (TPT).

When I realized that Jesus came for me, that he loved me so much that he died for me I had this stage where I thought I had to be perfect for him. I had to clean myself up and that Jesus couldn’t be around someone who had done so much wrong and had so much “dirt” on her. But it was while my dad read this scripture and we sat down and talked about the love of Jesus that I realized something. Jesus from the day he was born was never afraid of a little dirt.

When you think about Jesus and all the possibilities that he had and which family he could have picked to be born into and where he was even born I don’t think it was an accident that he was born to a young virgin girl who wasn’t really extraordinary, and was born in a place that animals ate, slept, and well you know… From the moment Jesus came into the world He has been showing us that there isn’t a person too unworthy, too plain, too young, too messed up and dirty that he couldn’t use for His glory. That there isn’t a place too filthy and dark and lonely that He won’t step into and rescue those He loves. That is what is special about Christmas, it was this revelation that brought the true joy of Christmas to my heart; That we have a God who will go to any depth, any length to see us rescued.


Jesus thank You for coming for me, thank You for showing me that there isn’t a place too dirty that Your love and presence can’t reach into. I pray that You remind me this Christmas, that joy, love and peace are mine. And it is because you came to rescue me. Amen.