Luke 2: 8-20


In this part of the Christmas story, one of the most known parts of the story, God chose to announce the birth of His only Son, to shepherds. Shepherds were known as some of the lowest, most common servants across the world.  These men, and often boys, spent much of their time in the fields. They were taking care of the sheep for their masters. Day in and day out, they stayed in fields with animals, often not having the opportunity to be with the rest of the community.

So why did God choose to announce His Son’s birth to the lowest servant in the community?  So that they would know that the Savior came for them too. And He did so in a glorious manor!  Angels came to the night sky, in all their splendor with joyful singing and great proclamation. “To you a Savior has been born!”

God wants you to know that He sent His Son, Jesus, to be your savior too!  In this Christmas season, remember the greatest Gift you can receive is that of Jesus as Lord.  Take time to proclaim Him to others around you. Maybe sing a Christmas song to remember the story of the shepherds and the angels.  

“Angels we have heard on high, Sweetly singing o’er the plains.  And the mountains in reply, Echoing their joyous strains…. Gloria, in excelsis Deo!  Gloria, in excelsis Deo!”

Glory to God in the Highest!


God, help us to remember that You sent Your Son, Jesus to this earth for us.  May Jesus truly be the reason for the season. And that our songs of joy, in this season would truly bring Glory to You in the Highest!  Amen